Day 13: BossChix Network 31 Day Goal-Getter Challenge ⋆ BossChix Network - Women in Business
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Day 13: BossChix Network 31 Day Goal-Getter Challenge


Learn how to brag. Think about one of your most recent achievements and share it with your boss or another senior executive. The point here is that you are taking credit for something that you accomplished. This is one time that you don’t need to focus on the team’s effort, you need to get comfortable bragging if you want to be successful.


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Aija Rhodes

Aija is the founder of BossChix Network, a women’s empowerment and lifestyle blog that celebrates women’s professional achievements, community involvement, and family life. BossChix Network also empowers women to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, BossChix Network serves as an outlet for women to connect and collaborate with others who seek to climb the corporate ladder, land roles that prepare them for senior leadership, and live authentically. Aija is a management consultant for a Big Four consultancy firm. She is a certified Project Management Professional and has fourteen years of program and project management experience assisting clients in conquering an array of business challenges. Most recently, she led a team that designed an IT security program and portfolio management processes for a global healthcare company. When she isn’t blogging or working with clients, Aija can be found enjoying the restaurants and museums of her hometown, Washington, D.C.

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I have no idea on how to brag. Though it has become a key thing to succeed in corporate world.


You have to toot your own horn…who else will. Bosses tend to only notice the bad not the good!


With my project ending for my current employer and i am out pounding the pavement again . I am finding myself having to brag about me in job interviews and i am learning that it’s a must!!!


I am horrible at bragging. I don’t know how to do it. This is why I didn’t go into business or sales, haha. I’ll stick with education! 🙂

Helene D\'Souza

I am not into bragging. I think it’s an ugly human trait which is not necessarily. With bragging you just attract jealousy and that’s not necessary. However bragging to the boss has proved to be useful. 😉


I also have a fear of looking like a snob when I talk about my small achievements. I’m not sure how to ( or if i should) overcome this but it’s a struggle!

blair villanueva
blair villanueva

Even my engagement with a client has ended, still many prospective clients’ of their still look for my opinion on their services, because they say “we trust your recommendations”

My kind of little brag 🙂

David Elliott

I was able to get some more planning down for my event at the library. Hoping everything goes smoothly.


I’ve never really liked to brag to people who are above me, and sometimes I don’t even like bragging to my friends. I just don’t want to seem snobby! I’m trying to work on balancing it though so it doesn’t seem that way.

Saidah Washington

Ha!! Learn how to brag. I love it. I thought that came naturally for people, but some do shy away from it especially in business settings.


I do think it’s important to take credit for your accomplishments. If you don’t, who will? Very good point you have made!

Beth ||


Nice! I really need to learn and accept this. I usually don’t like to brag because I don’t like people thinking I’m superior. But it about know when and how to do it. Nice post