If you’ve been following BossChix Network since we launched late last year, you know we’ve been dealing with a lot of professional development and women’s empowerment topics, like the 31 Day Goal-Getter Challenge.  If you just finished that challenge with us, Congratulations! This post will be a departure from professional development, but still something that you as a professional woman will benefit from.  Your day was bad, the traffic was hell, but it’s time to kick off your work shoes and slip into something far less comfortable for that drinks party you’ve been promising to throw for weeks.

You have precisely half the time you need, and twice the work to do. With that in mind, we’ve rustled up some awesome appetizers to wow your guests that you can fix with one hand, while applying lipstick with the other. Because we love you, we’ve also thrown in a cocktail idea to make sure that your sparkling soiree starts off on the right foot.

But hang on…did you actually manage to get to Whole Foods or that cute little wine and cheese shop for the ingredients you needed? No?  No worries.  Throw open your fridge, pantry and wherever else you keep food and let’s do this.


Stuffed Crescent Rolls (My version of Pizza Rollups!)

If you’ve got a tube of crescent bread or dough handy, then you’re golden. Roll out the dough and cut each section to half its intended size, then spread with something delicious. Don’t take the filling right to the edges; and whatever you choose, it’s important to keep it finely chopped and thinly spread. My favorite is pizza sauce, chopped basil, feta cheese, and smoked salmon.

Carefully roll up each mini crescent roll, spritz with a bit of garlic infused olive oil or any other cooking oil and bake for just over half of the suggested cooking time on the pack. Take a look at our ideas for inspiration – you’re bound to have some of these in your fridge!

Smoked salmon, capers, and cream cheese

Feta, mint leaves and red onion

Olive paste and mozzarella

Pesto and mushroom or cooked chicken

Smoked salmon, feta, basil, and pizza sauce

Chorizo/salami and tomato (seeds removed)

Goat’s cheese and sweet chilli sauce (no need to bake this one)

These little finger foods are so incredibly tasty and versatile; we guarantee that they’ll disappear in seconds. Save at least one for yourself in the kitchen, or miss out forever.


Easy Breezy Caprese Salad

Class up your party a bit with these easy to made caprese salad skewers. Toss sliced cherry tomatoes and mini mozzarella cheese balls into a bowl with some chopped basil, a dash of salt, and balsamic glaze. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes and then assemble mini-skewers using a toothpick.


The Cocktail Hour

It’s always cocktail hour somewhere, so treat your guests to a fabulous drink to start your evening with. One of the easiest and most crowd-pleasing of them all is the French Kir or Kir Royale.

Simply pour raspberry liqueur into a champagne glass and top it off with ice-cold Champagne or white wine; a Kir is a fabulous drink.


Pour around an inch of raspberry liqueur into each glass if you’re drinking fizz; or into a white wine glass for white wine, then top up the drinks. You can either give them a quick mix with a cocktail stick, or leave unstirred for a pretty ombre effect.






The final touches? Lighting, music and fragrance.  Stick with lamps and candles and avoid harsh overhead lights wherever possible.  Kill two birds with one stone by making one of the candles a gently fragranced one, but keep it subtle.  Even if you love being surrounded by patchouli and lime at all times, your guests might not, so keep it neutral and err on the side of olfactory caution with a light vanilla or something similarly restrained.

You can have all of this nailed inside an hour. Now go change, spritz on some perfume and get ready to party.  Who said entertaining was difficult?

Published by Aija Rhodes

Aija is the founder of BossChix Network, a women’s empowerment and lifestyle blog that celebrates women’s professional achievements, community involvement, and family life. BossChix Network also empowers women to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, BossChix Network serves as an outlet for women to connect and collaborate with others who seek to climb the corporate ladder, land roles that prepare them for senior leadership, and live authentically. Aija is a management consultant for a Big Four consultancy firm. She is a certified Project Management Professional and has fourteen years of program and project management experience assisting clients in conquering an array of business challenges. Most recently, she led a team that designed an IT security program and portfolio management processes for a global healthcare company. When she isn’t blogging or working with clients, Aija can be found enjoying the restaurants and museums of her hometown, Washington, D.C.

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