Who has time to think about going to the gym or fitness? When you’re a busy working woman juggling competing responsibilities just getting a healthy dinner on the table every night can be a task. We often have many extracurricular activities during a work week. Some weeks, I have dinner with colleagues, a date if I’m lucky, and a meeting on a business venture. So it is not surprising that when life happens, your fitness and workout plans are the first thing to go out the window. And then, if you’re like me you feel guilty. Rather than fall into the habit of scrapping your workout plan, here are 5 tips on how you can make fitness a priority even with a hectic schedule. Hint: Stick with me until the end because I have a great surprise for you!

  1. Put it on the calendar

    This is a no-brainer and is almost like stating the obvious, but it would surprise you how many people don’t think to schedule this time for themselves. It is simply the easiest way to work fitness into to your schedule. Again, I know it sounds pretty crazy to say it out loud but it is true. When I look at my schedule for the week on Sunday evening, I look for time to schedule my gym workouts. For example, this week I have a team dinner scheduled with colleagues on Wednesday. To make sure that I still get a workout in, I have a short 20 min HIIT workout that I will do in the morning before work and I will walk on the treadmill for about 30 minutes after the team dinner. I could use the team dinner as an excuse to skip the gym altogether, but instead I’m going with the mindset that a shorter workout is better than no workout.

  2. Trade one of your Sunday brunch dates with your girls for a fitness date

    How often do you cancel your monthly brunch with your best girlfriends because you are just too busy? Oh, that’s right never. Saturday or Sunday brunch plans are often the highlight of a busy week. The time catching up with friends over bottomless mimosas and French toast is not something that I usually skip. Trade that brunch for a fitness date with your girls and you kill two birds with one stone. You will still get to catch up with your faves and the bonus is that you will burn calories while doing it. This might be the time to switch up your gym workout and instead try a workout class like yoga, Barre, or a dance class.

  3. Multitask

    I usually discourage multi-tasking because instead of getting things done, you actually decrease your productivity when you think you are multi-tasking. But getting your fitness workout in is one of the few times that I say it’s good to multi-task.

    One of the main excuses I hear when people say they don’t have time to make it to the gym is running their kids to their various activities. Another no-brainer to me is to use the time that your kid is practicing Tae Kwan Do, football, gymnastics, track or whatever to get your workout in as well. I have a friend that walks the track while her son attends his football practices. Grab one of the other parents and get some steps!

  4. Take it slow

    Do not set an aggressive goal for getting in shape just before your upcoming vacation. Set a realistic goal and you will be more likely to stick with the fitness plan. If your fitness goal is too aggressive, you may become frustrated and give up when you do not see immediate results. Set a manageable goal and remember that if you are trying to lose weight you will need to combine dietary changes and exercise.

  5. Simplify and save your killer warrior workouts for the weekend

    This has been key to sticking to my fitness plan overall. When I stopped holding myself to the expectation that my weeknight workouts had to be this super long intense physically draining experience it became that much easier to stick to my commitment to workout. This has saved me so much time and keeps me in the routine of working out. On the weekends, my workouts are a bit more intense and physical. That is when I get to hit the gym and workout without feeling as rushed.

    Get an example of my weekend workout here: Weekend Warrior Workout

These are just a few tips that have kept me going on my fitness journey. Getting fit and staying fit – it is not easy, it certainly takes commitment and a desire for a different outcome. When you decide that you want to get in shape, your excuses will not necessarily disappear, but your willingness to give into them will.


Let’s get fit! How do you motivate yourself to get to the gym??

Published by Aija Rhodes

Aija is the founder of BossChix Network, a women’s empowerment and lifestyle blog that celebrates women’s professional achievements, community involvement, and family life. BossChix Network also empowers women to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, BossChix Network serves as an outlet for women to connect and collaborate with others who seek to climb the corporate ladder, land roles that prepare them for senior leadership, and live authentically. Aija is a management consultant for a Big Four consultancy firm. She is a certified Project Management Professional and has fourteen years of program and project management experience assisting clients in conquering an array of business challenges. Most recently, she led a team that designed an IT security program and portfolio management processes for a global healthcare company. When she isn’t blogging or working with clients, Aija can be found enjoying the restaurants and museums of her hometown, Washington, D.C.

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Tiffany H.
3 years ago

I think these are great ideas, I was just texting my co-worker and telling her we need to hit the gym together. Once I’m at the gym, im cool, its getting there and making the time that I def need to work on..

3 years ago

I needed this desperately. I’ve been considering joining the Y so I could go and have someone look after my toddler.

3 years ago

I will be 47 in August and I’ve never had issues with my weight and now I can’t lose these 15 pounds. I’m trying my best to get these pounds off

3 years ago

Love your tips. Especially multitaking with kids. I find that on days im not working or weekend days. I simply just dress in my workout gear until i complete it lol

3 years ago

Taking it slow and be gentle toward yourself on the journey.

Mimi Green
3 years ago

I’ve started working out st lunch and that is a huge help.

Mimi Green
3 years ago

I’ve started working out at lunch which is a big help.

3 years ago

These are awesome tips and very doable! I really like the idea of multi-tasking. It makes perfect sense. I’m gonna sign up for your newsletter!

3 years ago

Great Tips!! I always get discouraged when I plan and try to go into overdrive…love the “take it slow” tip!!!

3 years ago

All I saw were rock hard abs and I got hyped! I need to start working out again, but I keep telling myself I do not have time. These tips came right on time.

3 years ago

Very helpful tips. I’ve never thought to put a workout on the calendar. I’m going to try that.

3 years ago

Great fitness tips!

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