This September ESPN broadcaster Beth Mowins will be the first female play caller for a regular season NFL game. She will call the September 11 Monday Night Football game between the Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Chargers. As a fan of the game, this is a big deal and a long-time coming.  This is historic because calling the live game has been largely a role reserved for men and even more specifically past coaches and players.  Mowins has been with ESPN since 1994 and has covered many women’s collegiate sports and recently began calling the Raiders preseason games. In a male-dominated sport like football, it may be easy to assume that women should remain on the sidelines (pun intended), but as women we all know better.

So what is the key takeaway for the rest of us? What can you take away from this if you work in a corporate space, in education, or science & technology? Just because a woman has never done it, does not mean that a woman cannot or should not be doing it. Let’s keep making history herstory.

Even though I know better, I read the comments on a post about Mowins’ new role. SMH, why did I do that. Many commenters seemed to be less than thrilled or even cynical that Mowins is actually deserving of this opportunity.  Some even accused ESPN of only seeking positive press for putting a woman in this role.  And just like that, a moment that should be positive and a moment of celebration is cast as meaningless and a competition between men and women.  Reading those comments is honestly one of the main reasons that BossChix Network exists. If we don’t support each other, who will??

So back to my original point, let’s keep making herstory, support each other, and forget the detractors.

Published by Aija Rhodes

Aija is the founder of BossChix Network, a women’s empowerment and lifestyle blog that celebrates women’s professional achievements, community involvement, and family life. BossChix Network also empowers women to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, BossChix Network serves as an outlet for women to connect and collaborate with others who seek to climb the corporate ladder, land roles that prepare them for senior leadership, and live authentically. Aija is a management consultant for a Big Four consultancy firm. She is a certified Project Management Professional and has fourteen years of program and project management experience assisting clients in conquering an array of business challenges. Most recently, she led a team that designed an IT security program and portfolio management processes for a global healthcare company. When she isn’t blogging or working with clients, Aija can be found enjoying the restaurants and museums of her hometown, Washington, D.C.

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3 years ago

This is awesome news. I agree that we need to support each other. Thanks for sharing this information. I’m sure Beth will do a fantastic job next season.

3 years ago

So excited to see this woman making boss moves! Congrats to her and her continued success!

Courtney CJ
3 years ago

This is dope! I wouldn’t have watched that game otherwise because I’m not a huge fan of either team, but now I have a reason to be invested.

3 years ago

What a great post. I am so happy she is making HERstory especially in a male dominated industry.

3 years ago

AWESOME!!!! I LOVE football, and my favorite time of the year is football season I so look forward to hearing her call a game.

3 years ago

That’s great that she’s in that position! Breaking through barriers and being great while the haters hate 🙂

Mimi Green
3 years ago

That is incredible. Shoot, I will cheer her on every step of the way. Breaking into a male dominated field is crazy hard.

3 years ago

OMG This is awesome! I love football, so it’s good to see another lady in the “boys club”. I work with a bunch of men so I know how conversations can get.

3 years ago

Love it! I’m not a huge fan of football but this has really been a long time coming.

3 years ago

So true! Online comments can sometimes be the worst. Have your mood about something fall flat immediately.

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