Senator Kamala Harris: When Women Speak Up & Keep Getting Interrupted
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Senator Kamala Harris: When Women Speak Up & Keep Getting Interrupted


Senator Kamala Harris

You may not be a politics junkie like me, but it would be hard to miss the political theatre that is currently taking place in our Nation’s Capital right now. Hearings investigating Russia’s “alleged” involvement in the 2016 Elections were recently held on the Hill.  Last week, three major security officials testified before Congress. One replay that stands out is when Senator Kamala Harris asks Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein questions about Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his ability to conduct his investigation unimpeded.  As she presses him for a response, first she is “manterrupted” by John McCain. Then she is reprimanded by Chairman Richard Burr for not being courteous.  (insert eye roll)

More Manterruptions

Fast forward to this week and we have another case of a man policing the behavior of Senator Harris. Again it was John McCain who interrupted (or manterrupted) her and attempted to shut her down while questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Last week, she asked some hard questions and probed for answers when Deputy AG Rosenstein refused to answer. Senator Ron Wyden did the very same thing and received no reprimand from the Committee Chair. Another male colleague, Senator Martin Heinrich was equally aggressive when questioning the Deputy AG and was never interrupted. However, Senator Harris was guilty of speaking while female just doing her job.  Senator Wyden even spoke up for her later with this tweet.

Kamala Harris: She’s Way Better than Average

Before getting into the questions and the response to her time at the mic, it’s worth noting that Senator Harris is the former attorney general for the state of California. She is a graduate of the illustrious historically black university, Howard University. She served California in multiple prosecutor roles before being elected as the first African American female District Attorney in San Francisco.  Harris went on to become the Attorney General for California in 2010.  The point here…Senator Kamala Harris is a former prosecutor, she is not new to this. She is more than capable of questioning a witness. Like, she literally did this for a living, was elected and re-elected several times to serve as a District Attorney and then the AG for California.  So she’s qualified to ask questions at a Senate Hearing and maybe even more qualified than some of her colleagues (read: John McCain after his disastrous questioning last week).

Gender Bias or More Speaking While Female

Let’s not miss what is happening here. Senator Harris is a woman of color. I just wrote a post about gender bias and already we have another real life example to dissect. Without a second thought, her colleagues, male Republican Senators basically tried to shut her down and silence her publically. But Senator Harris handles these attacks very well #likeaboss, I’m pretty sure this is not the first time she has experienced gender bias and it will not be the last.  Male privilege, gender bias, whatever you want to call it, it happens every single day.  Men throw their weight around to assert their power and attempt to silence women like Kamala Harris.  Every day in the workforce, women are fighting for their seat at the table and once they have a seat at the table they must continue to fight to be heard.

Call Senator Richard Burr and tell him that you support Kamala Harris and women like her. We won’t be silenced, when we have a seat at the table we intend to be heard. His number is 202.224.3154.

We see you Senator Kamala Harris! #neverthelessshepersisted

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