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BossChix Netowrk: Art of Conversation Tips

The Art of Conversation for Women in the Workplace

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Conversation, it’s something that you don’t really put much thought into. It kind of just happens when you are with people that you are comfortable with. I never struggle with discussion topics when I’m at brunch with my girls. But when it comes to business, conversation is a whole other situation. Many business leaders are...Read More
setting your performance goals

In the C-Suite: Annual Performance Goals Review

Tip 4 will absolutely change your performance goals discussion this year! It’s that time of year again at my company. I work for a consulting firm and it is that time of year where we are reviewing mid-year progress against performance goals we set earlier this year. During this time of year, we review what...Read More
BossChix Network 31 Day Challenge: Feedback is important make sure that you ask for up and down feedback regularly

Day 14: BossChix Network 31 Day Goal-Getter Challenge

Ask for up and down feedback. Reach out to a few team members, colleagues, and leaders that you have worked with over the past couple of weeks and ask for feedback. Include people that report to you. Feedback is necessary for your continued growth and development and the sooner you get it the better. We...Read More

Day 13: BossChix Network 31 Day Goal-Getter Challenge

Learn how to brag. Think about one of your most recent achievements and share it with your boss or another senior executive. The point here is that you are taking credit for something that you accomplished. This is one time that you don’t need to focus on the team’s effort, you need to get comfortable...Read More